How Installing A Water Softener Could Keep Your Clothing Cleaner, Softer, And Less Irritating

Posted on: 13 December 2017

If it seems like your family's clothes aren't as clean as they should be or if they seem to wear out too fast, then installing a water softener might help. You can have your water tested to see if it has excess minerals in it that affect your laundry. Hard water can keep your clothes from getting clean by leaving a residue and stains behind. It can also pose other problems with your laundry. Here are some ways soft water improves your laundry:

A Water Softener Keeps Your Clothes From Feeling Stiff

If your clothes feel stiff or scratchy, it could be due to soap scum and mineral deposits left on them after washing. If you love the smell of laundry that has dried on the clothesline, you may struggle with getting the clothes to be soft and fluffy when you dry them that way. Towels in particular can be stiff when line dried after being washed in hard water. One reason is the residue left behind on the fabric and another reason is the need to use too much soap.

Laundry detergent lathers much better in soft water so you can use less of it when you wash a load of clothing. To get the same results in hard water, you need to use more detergent and that leaves soap residue behind that makes clothes stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

Soft Water Helps Clothes Get Cleaner

Since soap works better with soft water, your clothing gets cleaner with less soap, and since there is left residue left behind, your clothing looks cleaner too. One bad thing about residue on clothes is that it may attract dirt and grime more readily. That means your clothing could develop a dingy appearance. Not only that, hard water can actually leave behind stains such as rust stains on your clothes. This problem can be noticeable if your child wears white polo tops for a school uniform or if you wear a white lab coat for work daily.

Your clothes may not seem as bright and white unless you use laundry treatment products on them. Washing in hard water might even be harsh on delicate fabrics, especially when combined with laundry treatment products. This can cause your fabrics to wear out quicker or fade faster. The overall result is that your clothes may seem dingy and worn when compared to the results you might get from soft water.

Installing soft water could be the solution for cleaner clothing that is softer too. This not only helps your clothes look nicer and last longer, but it can also help your skin if you have sensitivities. With soft water, you can avoid the use of excess soap and additional treatments, so there are fewer chemicals on your clothing to irritate your skin.

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