• Does Your Microwave Need Repaired?

    Most homes in the US include a microwave oven in the kitchen. Many families, single folks, and elderly people all rely on this one appliance for help with meal preparation and reheating coffee. If you don't think that your microwave is operating as it should, there are a few things that you could do differently that could improve the performance. Professional Microwave Repair If you know that the microwave isn't working right and that it has nothing to do with anything beyond the appliance, then you have no choice but to take it to be repaired professionally.
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  • Getting The Best Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

    There are several appliances that need your care when you run a business. By keeping up with these appliances, you will be able to go about your business as usually, without always having to deal with setbacks to your utilities. To this end, few appliances are as important as your commercial refrigeration when you run a restaurant, convenience store, laboratory, or any other business where you have perishable items that must be stored under specific temperatures.
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  • Places To Look When Your Ice Cubes Are Small Or Hollow

    When you press the ice cube dispenser, you might be surprised when hollow or small ice cubes are released, rather than solid ice cubes or chips. These cubes will melt immediately or will shatter, making them useless. You may also notice that ice cubes are sticking together because they are not frozen solid. This is not what an ice dispenser is supposed to do, and it might be indicative of a larger problem with your plumbing or with the refrigerator.
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