Places To Look When Your Ice Cubes Are Small Or Hollow

Posted on: 18 February 2019

When you press the ice cube dispenser, you might be surprised when hollow or small ice cubes are released, rather than solid ice cubes or chips. These cubes will melt immediately or will shatter, making them useless. You may also notice that ice cubes are sticking together because they are not frozen solid. This is not what an ice dispenser is supposed to do, and it might be indicative of a larger problem with your plumbing or with the refrigerator. Fortunately, most of the problems are easy to solve.

The Pause Feature

The problem might be as simple as your refrigerator having a pause feature and the feature being enabled. If you don't have a pause feature, you might need to look elsewhere.

The Filter

A common reason for a small or hollow ice cube is that you have a clogged filter. Fortunately, this is easily solved by replacing or cleaning the filter. Typically, a filter should be removed every six months. However, there might be more sediment entering your home than usual, so you may need to replace your filter more often. 

The Temperature

If the ice cubes are hollow, the most common reason is that the freezer is not regulated properly, and the ice cubes do not have a chance to freeze. You might have set the internal temperature for the freezer too low or too high. Even if the temperature is set right, you might have a bad thermostat, and this might make it more difficult for your freezer to create ice cubes. 

The Ground

Sometimes, the problem might be as simple as the ice maker or refrigerator not being level. The ground might not be level. The refrigerator might need to be adjusted so that it can function properly. 

Your Plumbing

If you have recently installed the refrigerator, there might be a kink in the water line. If there is a restriction in the water supply line, this is not an issue with the refrigerator itself, but with the plumbing. When the refrigerator is pulled out of the wall, inspect the hose for obstructions or kinks. If you can, remove any obstructions. 

Make sure to have a plumber inspect your plumbing to resolve the issue. If your water line is not able to supply you with enough water, that will lead to your refrigerator not being able to form enough ice cubes. You might also have a water inlet valve that is bad and needs to be replaced.

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