Troubleshooting Tips For A Washing Machine That Won't Spin

Posted on: 18 March 2018

If your washing machine isn't spinning, you'll end up with clothes that are only partially washed. They may also still be soaked and have soap on them. If this is going on with your machine, don't toss it out the door just yet. There may be a few things you can try first to get your machine working again. Read on for troubleshooting tips to try.

Is The Load Too Large?

If the load it too large for your washer's capacity, it may not be able to spin. Empty the washer and turn the machine on to see if it spins without anything in it. If this is the case, put half as much in the machine and try it again. You can't put too much in the machine or you'll end up with premature breakdowns. Only put in as much as the manufacturer's directions indicate.

A good rule of thumb is if your clothes are somewhat dry when they come out, the load is probably too large. Also if you aren't able to close the door, the load is too big. You shouldn't be shoving items into the machine in order to close the door.

If this wasn't the problem, it could be a parts issue. 

Check The Door Lock

The door lock is a safety mechanism that prevents the machine from being opened while the machine is running. This is usually in place in front-loading machines so you don't open the machine while it's running and end up with water all over your floor. If the door lock is not functioning properly it could cause the machine to not spin properly.

Turn on the machine and test it to see if you are able to open the door. If you can, the door lock needs to be replaced. This is a part you can find at your local appliance parts supply store or on-line. 

Shut off the power to the machine before replacing this (or any) part on your machine.

If this wasn't the problem, read on.

Spin Belt

The belt on your machine could be the problem if the machine is functioning but not spinning. The belt is located inside the machine and connects the drive motor to the transmission. If this belt is worn or broken, the machine will not spin. Inspect the belt for damage and replace it as needed.

Again, turn the power off to the machine before attempting any repairs.

If your washing machine is not spinning, your clothes are not getting clean. If you have a full house, this can be detrimental. Troubleshoot your machine, but if the repair is beyond your knowledge call a professional repairman to have your washing machine repaired so you can get back to life.