How To Buy Refrigerator Parts So You Can Make Simple Repairs Yourself

Posted on: 10 May 2021

When your refrigerator isn't working properly, you want it fixed as quickly as possible so your food doesn't go bad. In some cases, you'll need to call an appliance repair professional, but other times you can do the repairs yourself if you can find the right refrigerator parts. Here are some DIY repairs you might be able to do and how to buy the right parts for your refrigerator.

Refrigerator Repairs You Might Try On Your Own

Some refrigerator parts are easy to replace and don't involve working with wiring. However, you should always unplug your refrigerator before you attempt repairs. You can replace a bad light bulb yourself, and you might be able to replace the door seal depending on how handy you are.

There are all kinds of refrigerator parts you can buy at a parts store. This lets you replace things like a bad door switch or a bad light socket that aren't too difficult to do. That could save money on a service call. Plus, you can find replacement racks and drawers for your refrigerator so you don't have to live with chipped or rusty parts.

Some refrigerator parts, such as the ice maker, are sold in kits, so you replace a few parts at once. This saves you from having to make a specific diagnosis of what's wrong with the part before you replace it. Being able to replace a few parts on your refrigerator helps you keep the refrigerator working properly for your convenience and to protect your food. You can also find parts that require a higher level of skill to install, but if you don't feel comfortable working on the compressor or motors, you can hire a repair person for those repairs.

How To Buy Refrigerator Parts

Before you go to the parts store, write down the brand and model of your refrigerator. You can find this in the owner's manual if you have one. The manual may even have the exact part numbers you need. If you don't have your manual, search the refrigerator for the model number. It should be inside the refrigerator along the door frame or on the side or top in either the freezer or refrigerator compartment.

Since refrigerators are made in different sizes and configurations, refrigerator parts aren't universal. You'll have to look for the part that matches your model. You might even want to take the part with you so you can verify the new part looks the same as the old one.

Reach out to a local refrigerator parts supplier to learn more.