3 Washer Issues You Can Repair Yourself

Posted on: 27 June 2022

Over the course of your washing machine's lifetime, it's going to encounter a problem or two that you are going to have to have to take care of in order for your appliance to be in full working order again. Some of the issues you may encounter may be very minor issues that you can repair on your own, but you should know a few things about washing machines and be somewhat handy in order to do these repairs on your own. Read on for some advice about washer repair

1. Not Spinning

If your clothing is coming out really wet, it may be because your machine has stopped spinning. If it isn't spinning, the clothing will not be wrung of the water and you'll end up with soaking wet clothing. To help get your machine spinning properly again, you need to inspect the drum. There may be screws missing around the drum and it will not spin, or the motor on the drum may be busted. To repair this, you'll have to take apart the back of the machine and look for any missing screws, replacing any that are no longer in place. If the motor isn't turning over while the machine is running, you may need a new motor.

2. Clothing Is Dirty

If your clothing is still dirty after washing it, you may have a clog in the reservoir going from the soap dispenser to the wash tub. This can occur in front-loading machines. Pull out the soap dispenser all of the way and inspect the small hose leading from the reservoir to the wash tub. If it is kinked, or it has a hole or a clog in it, you may need to replace this hose, or you may be able to clear out the clog with hot water.

3. Machine Making Banging Noises

If your machine is banging around while it's running, it may be because it's overloaded, or it could also be that the machine is not level. If the machine isn't level, it will cause it to bang around. To check the levelness of your machine, you should use a level across the front, back and on the sides. Adjust the feet on the bottom of your machine as needed.

If you have any of these machine issues, they are fairly minor and you may be able to repair them on your own. If you don't feel comfortable making these repairs yourself, hire a professional to help you.